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An Open Letter to Current GAAs:

Welcome to the GradPad, your ongoing resource to getting the most out of your Graduate Administrative Associate (GAA) experience in the Office of Student Life at The Ohio State University.

This website was created for you and continues to be updated with resources and opportunities for professional development, networking, and questions you have about the nuts and bolts of being a GAA in the Office of Student Life.

Please visit the Grad Pad Professional Plan program for ongoing opportunities for professional development opportunities specifically designed for the issues and practices you as a Student Life GAA encounter; consider becoming a mentor to undergraduates interested in Student Affairs by engaging with SISA; and finally, visit the monthly columns page to know more about what is going on at the Ohio State University for you as GAA.

If you have questions about your appointment, tuition and fees, or your GAA contract, it is best to visit the Graduate Associate Appointment Policies and Procedures document attached to your original GAA contract, visit the FAQs page, and email the if you have any unresolved questions or are looking for additional information or support.

Lastly, look for emails from the in your email inbox throughout the year for notices about upcoming events and deadlines.

So good to have you as part of the Office of Student Life and our outstanding GAA team.

Thanks and Go Bucks!

The Grad Pad Team