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Signature Sessions

2nd Annual GP3 Summit & Awards - Friday, October 23rd

"Write the Vision: Reimagining Higher Education & Student Affairs"

Ohio Union, The Ohio State University | Friday, October 23, 2020

The Grad Pad Professional Plan (GP3) Summit & Awards, a one-day conference designed to help connect graduate and undergraduate students interested in student affairs with professionals across The Ohio State University community through professional development, is one of GP3‘s Signature Events.

Through exploring various functional areas and practices, participants will be better prepared for the future of student affairs. During the Summit, we will host the GP3 Awards celebration, honoring emerging leaders in the OSU higher education and student affairs community, student affairs mentors, and outstanding students and staff.

Summit Details

The GP3 Summit and Awards will be held at The Ohio Union,  The Ohio State University Campus at on Friday, October 23, 2020. The conference begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m.


Call for Proposals & Awards

August 10

Deadline for Call for Proposals

September 18

Programs Announced & 

Deadline for Awards

October 1

Registration Opens

September 1

Registration Ends

October 16

Learning Outcomes

With a number of structured sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Engage in conversation and application of higher education and student affairs theory and practice;
  • Build and increase a sense of OSU community;
  • Increase awareness of their professional, student and/or personal identities;
  • Understand their own values and measures of wellness;
  • Move toward holistic development through the nine dimensions of wellness; and
  • Navigate professional conference culture and expectations.


8:15 AM – 9 00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:00 AM – 9:40 AM

Summit Opening

9:55 AM– 10:40 AM

Program Session I

10:50 AM – 11:35 AM

Program Session II

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

Awards Luncheon & Keynote Address

1:00 PM – 2:10 PM

Panel Discussion

2:20 PM – 3:05 PM

Program Session III

3:15 PM – 4:00 PM

Program Session IV

Award Nominations

Join us for the the inaugural GP3 Awards celebration, honoring emerging leaders in the OSU higher education and student affairs community, student affairs mentors, and outstanding students and staff.

Emerging Leader Award

This award recognizes an undergraduate or graduate student who has made a significant impact in the classroom, a department and/or the Office of Student Life, through leadership, innovation, or extraordinary efforts in advancing the work of student affairs and our community. Through their service, they have exhibited strong leadership skills, a positive attitude, cultural competence, and a dedication to promoting the mission of the department, and/or student organization. Nominees may hold positions, but not limited to a student leader, student ambassador, peer educator, mentor, or intern, graduate administrative associate, among others.

Outstanding Student Affairs Mentor Award

This award recognizes a student affairs community member and/or Student Life staff member for their role in supporting, encouraging, and promoting a positive and inclusive environment, and for contributing to professional and personal development of undergraduate and/or graduate students. Mentors are crucial as they propel and motivate students in their interests, passions, and personal circumstances. Moreover, at times they pose constructive challenges and share critical insights while providing friendship and support. This award honors those who go above and beyond to exemplify stellar mentorship in the field.

Distinguished Service – Commitment to Excellence Award

The Distinguished Service – Commitment to Excellence Award recognizes Student Life staff who have exhibited outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas:

  • leadership in a national/international professional organization
  • significant service to The Ohio State University
  • development and research activities
  • mentoring activities
  • long-term service to the Office of Student Life

Moreover, this esteemed recognition is the Summit’s highest honor and recognizes individuals that best exemplifies the strategic vision of Student Life: “Creating the extraordinary student experience at The Ohio State University.” Nominees should be committed individuals from any area Student Life and the higher education student affairs community who have unselfishly gone above and beyond expectations to provide outstanding service to students, the Office of Student Life, and the The Ohio State University.

Exceptional Proposal

Proposals will be evaluated by committee, ranked, and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the conference theme and one or more of the learning outcomes
  • New and fresh contributions to the conference theme and/or student affairs profession
  • Engaging program format that involves the audience and stimulates discussion
  • A conceptually strong, well-written foundation, with clearly stated outcomes and appropriately documented research and/or experience.
  • Overall Proposal Presentation: Strength of writing technique (e.g., grammar, clarity, organization) and citations/references

Program Sessions

Announced on October 1


GP3 Summit Speakers