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Completing the Plan

How To Earn Your GP3 Program Certification And Designation 

GP3 Program Certification = 8 Sessions + 8 Brief Reflections in 1 Year. 

Certification for the GP3 Program is earned by attending and reflecting on General Sessions and Signature events. Within one week following a session, GAAs should submit a brief reflection. Reflections should be 250 words or more including both a description and an application of the session. Moreover, GAAs should describe their experience, personal significance, and what they will do as a result of what they learned. 

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How To Complete the GP3 Program 

After you have attended the appropriate number of sessions, you will receive a notification from the GP3 Program coordinator and your profile will be reviewed for certification and recognition at the Office of Student Life End-of-Year Celebration and/or Higher Education Student Affairs Hooding Ceremony. 

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