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Continued Effort for Sustainable and Lasting Impact 

The Stories for Students initiative is entering its 13th year and we are ecstatic! We have chosen to build upon the current program to continue promoting literacy and foster a love of reading in the Columbus area. We will collaborate with a single school to host a one-day reading event celebrating elementary literacy. 

This year we will continue engagement with Eastgate Elementary School with a reading event held on September 18, 2020. The mission of the event is to encourage students to view reading as a tool that allows them to heighten their imagination and creativity.   

The event will allow Ohio State University students to interact with Eastgate Elementary students and give the gift of reading through a day of engagement. Classroom virtual volunteers will read a momentous book from their childhood that inspired them to read more, read aloud to students, as well as engage in discussion about how reading can empower students.  

Additionally, we will contiune to sponsor a virtual Scholastic book fair held on the same day that will provide books for students at Eastgate Elementary School. By collecting monetary donations, we aspire to give the gift of reading by providing every student with a book of their own choosing. 

Volunteers will be needed. The deadline to register is September 15, 2020 at 11:59 pm.


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