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As Ohio State seeks to provide meaningful and intentional experiences for students, the Stories for Students from Students (SFSFS) initiative is excited to continue expanding upon the program’s reach and impact. Now in its tenth year, the SFSFS initiative champions the belief that every student deserves a future filled with learning, success, and knowledge. Getting books into the hands of a student is the first step in establishing a lifelong love of learning that will one day lead to a college degree and a successful life. Similarly, a sense of service to, and with, the Columbus community is vital for the mission of The Ohio State University to create engaged citizens for the betterment of the society and world. Below, you will find the annual reports for the 2018-2019 SFSFS program. We hope that you will partner with us to create a sustained and meaningful contribution to the 2019-2020 SFSFS program.  


2018-2019 Annual Report 

The Stories for Students from Students (SFSFS), in its eleventh year, is a literacy and college-access community service program. This year the program worked with 343 students at Ohio Avenue Elementary School at our one-day reading event on September 21, 2018. We had sixteen Ohio State University student, and staff volunteers visit the school to read to classrooms of first through fourth-grade students from 10-11 am, in addition to assisting students in picking out books from our Scholastics Book Fair that occurred 9am-3 pm. 

The mission of the event is to encourage students to view reading as a tool that allows them to heighten their imagination and creativity. The event also allowed Ohio State University students to interact with Ohio Avenue Elementary students and give the gift of reading through a day of engagement. Classroom volunteers were able to bring a momentous book from their childhood that inspired them to read more, read aloud to students, as well as engage in discussion about how reading can empower students. 

The book fair celebration provided the opportunity for each student from Ohio Avenue Elementary School to take home a book of their own. The book fair partnered with the Scholastic organization, which allowed for the newest, most popular, and most developmentally age-appropriate books to be made available for the students to take home. Along with the scholastic book fair, which allowed individual students to take home their own book, the SFSFS program donated 406 books and the Scholastic Bucks (earned reward dollars from the book fair) for the enhancement of the school’s library collection. 

From the school representative’s perspective, the program was helpful for the students because it allowed for engagement with college students on the importance of reading and how it can empower students to achieve their dreams and create a successful future. Additionally, it gave students the opportunity to choose a book that is special to each student to encourage them to read, while also building upon the library collection with the extra scholastic dollars donated to the school. 

Following the annual event, the program begins our donation campaign to raise funds to purchase books for students. Funds are raised online at to The Ohio State University SFSFS Fund Number: 313330. The program also partners with the Office of Student Life Dining Services so that patrons can donate money in $5 increments at three convenient locations on campus from mid-September until December. Locations include Sloopy's, located inside The Ohio Union, 1739 North High Street; MarketPlace, located in the Neil Avenue Building, 1578 Neil Avenue; and The Caffeine Element located: Prior Library, 376 W. 10th Avenue; Morrill C-Store, 1900 Cannon Drive. Each five-dollar donation buys a child a book they choose at the school-wide book fair. For the 2017-2018, the program raised $2520 at dining locations and for the 2018-2019, the program raised $995 for the next year. 

The SFSFS program partners with a new school and community every 3 years. The program will partner with Ohio Avenue Elementary School for its third and final year during the 2018-2019 school-year.