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History of Stories for Students from Students

The Stories for Students from Students Program is an Office of Student Life initiative entering its thirteenth year. This project was initiated through a conversation Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston, former Ohio State Senior Vice President of Student Life, had with Susan Smith, a senior pastor of Advent United Church of Christ in Columbus, about the benefits of giving books to schoolchildren in the rebuilding New Orleans area. The spirit of that philanthropy sparked the notion that Ohio State could strive to make a similar impact on young students right here in Columbus. Today, this outreach initiative has been effective in giving thousands of local grade school students a special new book of their own and in building relationships with them through reading aloud. By uniting learners of all levels, Stories for Students engages Ohio State students in working towards literacy in their immediate community while instilling the value of service in all involved. 

Stories for Students champions the belief that every student deserves a future filled with learning, success, and knowledge. Getting books into the hands of a student is the first step in establishing a lifelong love of learning that will one day lead to a college degree and a successful life.