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Student Affairs Staff Exchange Program

In 2012, the Office of Student Life at the Ohio State University and Wuhan University in Wuhan, China, in an effort for the betterment of higher education and global citizenship created an international exchange partnership. This partnership, built on cooperation and collaboration, created the Student Affairs Staff Exchange Program. Upon the inception of this partnership in 2013, The Office of Student Life and Wuhan University agreed on a six-week staff exchange program. During these six weeks, The Office of Student Life and Wuhan University exchange a small group of their respective staff in order to build a deeper relationship between the two countries and universities.  

The purpose of the program is multifaceted. As both universities have seen a rise in their international populations, it is imperative for each institution to respond accordingly. The exchange program was built to better serve our international populations while simultaneously understanding how each division of student affairs can grow through the sharing of knowledge and resources. During the six-weeks abroad, both universities will engage participants with culturally immersive experiences, professional development opportunities, and meetings with various functional units and university leaders. Through this Student Affairs Staff Exchange program, both universities benefit and develop important learning objectives.   

Through this program, participants will be able to achieve these important learning objectives:   

  • Discuss and frame how their six-weeks abroad has facilitated intrapersonal growth and new perspectives  
  • Develop a deeper cultural empathy and understanding of our international Chinese population  
  • Detail how their experience abroad has shaped their approach while working with students   
  • Assess the Wuhan’s strategies for student success and engagement that will broadly enhance the experience of our international Buckeye population