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An Open Letter to Person’s Interested in Applying to be Graduate Administrative Associate in the Office of Student Life 

Are you interested in being a Graduate Administrative Associate (GAA) in Student Life? If so, you have found the right place by visiting the GradPad website. This is the Student life GAA clearing house to connect you to your future GAA experience here in the Office of Student Life. 

Submit an interest form here. Also visit,

Four important notes before you use this site. 

  • You have to be an enrolled graduate student in order to be a GAA, though being an enrolled Graduate Student does not guarantee a GAA position. If you are thinking about graduate school for next school year, it’s best to start looking at program websites in August or September to know when application deadlines are. 
  • The majority of GAAs are enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program here at the Ohio State University. If you are looking at the HESA program, the Student Personnel Assistantship Program (SPA) will work to place you in GAAs throughout the university through a separate interview and application process. 
  • If you are applying to or are currently enrolled in an academic program other than HESA, consult your academic department to ask about a GAA placement process. Also, look at our Office of Student Life’s listing of departments and reach out to us at to inquire about potential GAA positions in the departments in which you are interested. 
  • Becoming a GAA in Student Life is a competitive process as these are highly sought after positions providing in most cases full tuition waivers for both in-state and out-of-state residents, monthly living stipends, 85% of health insurance plan costs through the OSU Student Health Insurance Plan for both the GAA and eligible dependents, opportunities for professional development funding, and the opportunity to work professionally at one of the most comprehensive Student Life departments in the country. As you look at departments and positions, become informed about each department’s mission and purpose and be intentional about what positions you are inquiring into and whom you are contacting. Being informed will only benefit you as you inquire and apply for positions. 

Please explore this website to learn what being a GAA in Student Life can offer you. 

Also, please reach out to our current GAAs to learn more about their experiences. They’re friendly and eager to connect with others like them who want to work to create the extraordinary student experience. 

Thanks and Go Bucks! 

***There are currently no assistantships available within the Office of Student Life***

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