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Buckeye Bonuses

What are Buckeye Bonuses? 

Buckeye Bonuses are the direct and indirect items, services, and experiences that you get (for free or at greatly reduced cost) to have by being an enrolled student at The Ohio State University. 

Why are these bonuses important? 

Being a graduate student can be tough. With classes, graduate administrative responsibilities, tests, deadlines, and a stipend that doesn’t always seem to last until the end of the month, things can get stressful. 

But, there is hope, relief, and tons of stuff that you can take advantage of that will help stretch your dollars and keep you entertained, grounded, and healthy! 

How is this list organized? 

We tried to make this list as intuitive as possible so we organized it by what an incoming graduate student might have questions about. As a result, resources are listed by topical area: 



On-Campus Housing  

Off Campus Housing  



Public Transportation  



Health and Wellness 

Professional Development 


Student Organizations and Support