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Become a Buck-I-Serve Trip Advisor

Buck-I-SERV is a weeklong, substance-free program centered on community service and civic engagement, and held during the university’s breaks. Buck-I-SERV is a program planned through the Office of Student Life and supported in part by the Student Activity Fee. Graduate students can participate on all Buck-I-SERV trips as Participants, Trip Leaders and Advisors.  Advisors ensure the positive representation of The Ohio State University among all constituencies, including but not limited to service agencies, housing staff, community members, and alumni.  Student Trip Leaders arrange and facilitate the majority of the trip components, but Advisors are knowledgeable about all aspects of the trip, aware of potential risks and necessary plans to address those areas, ready to assist the student Trip Leaders as needed, and encourage student participants to connect their service to academic topics related to their projects and/or host cities. 

Advisors are critical to the success of all Buck-I-SERV trips, and we hope to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our faculty/staff/graduate student Advisors.  In addition to the community service experiences with students, we will make every attempt to match Advisors with a city or social issue related to their work or interests.  Advisors participate in our trips without incurring personal expenses related to transportation, lodging and any program fees, and each Advisor will receive a small post-trip per-diem payment to offset food costs.  

A full description of Advisor roles and expectations is available on the Buck-I-SERV website at Our trip application timelines are updated throughout the year and are available on the Buck-I-SERV calendar at